Baseline Granular Humus


An excellent source of humic and fulvic acids.

An ancient humus derived from diatoms

Excellent for revitalizing soil

A must-have ingredient in compost tea

Increases plants ability to assimilate nutrients

Available in: 2.2 lb. bag / 25 lb. bucket / 44 lb. bag / 1000 lb. totes

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Peat Humus

Application Rate

Baseline Granular Humus can be top dressed at a rate of ¼-1 cup per cu. ft. of soil or 50-150 pounds per acre. For amending your soil, mix in at a rate of ¼-1 cup per cu. ft., or 15-30 lbs. per yard. For compost tea, at a rate of 4 cups per 55 gallons of water.

Commercial Rate

For commercial turf and pasture apply at a rate of 50-150 pounds per acre monthly.

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