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California Gold


An excellent soil amendment derived from decomposed hardwoods.

Reduces water and fertilizer use

An excellent source of humic and fulvic acids

Sustainably sourced in California

Available in: 1 cu. ft. / 2 yd. totes

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Decomposed hardwoods

Directions For Use

Soil Amendment: Mix thoroughly into the top 4-8 inches of soil or growth medium and moisten prior to planting. For best results when container gardening, use CA Humus 5-15% of the total growth medium volume.

Top-Dressing: Apply a thin layer (1/8″-1/2″) to soil surface, spread evenly throughout the planting area. Wet thoroughly after application.

Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT): Extract 1-4 ounces per gallon into water using a mesh bag. Add any additional ingredients, then aerate for 18-48 hours. Dilute AACT up to 5:1 with water.

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