Go Green


A natural and organic micronized fertilizer that provides nutrition for vegetative growth.

Micronized fishmeal, crab meal and alfalfa provide both rapidly available and long-lasting nitrogen

Encourages lush growth of lawns, plants and trees

An excellent soil amendment that can be watered in and/or top dressed into any type of growing medium

Available in: 1 lb. / 5 lb. / 10 lb. / 25 lb.

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Fish meal, crab shell, greensand, alfalfa meal and kelp

Application Rates

Water in Application Rate: Mix ¼-2 tsp. per gallon of water every 1-3 weeks during growth stage, increase fertilizer strength if needed. Adjust pH to 5.5–6.5 for optimal growth and vigor. Reduce fertilizer strength if other fertilizers are used at the same time period.

Soil Amendment Rate: Sprinkle evenly into soil every 2-4 weeks at a ratio of ½tsp.–1 tbsp. per cubic foot, increase strength as needed.

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