Manna Mix


A lighter, quicker drying potting soil that is packed with amendments!

Low-saline coco-based potting soil

Great for seed germination

Creates the perfect water-to-air ratio

Ready to plant, no amending needed

Available in: 1.5 cu. ft. bags / 2 yd. totes

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Vital Earth’s Organic Compost OMRI, MegaWorm, Earthworm Castings and Vital Earth’s Powdered Glacial Rock inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi

Application Rates

Directions for Transplanting: Vital Earth’s® Manna Mix is excellent for transplanting flowers and herbs. Also ideal as a container-growing media.

Planter Boxes and Raised Beds: Fill to desired level and plant.


TIP 1: Don’t forget to use Vital Earth’s® PHC BIOPAK® every time you transplant!

TIP 2: After transplanting into Vital Earth’s® Manna Mix in conjunction with Vital Earth’s® PHC BIOPAK®for the 1st time watering, wait 3-5 days before beginning your Vital Earth’s® Liquid Seabird Grow 4-3-4 and/or Vital Earth’s® Seabird Liquid Bloom 2-5-0 (See chart in Vital Earth’s® Soil Building Products catalog mixing guide for compost and/or fertilizer teas).

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