Mega Phos


Phosphorus Solubilizing Microbe.

Solubilizes phosphorus that is normally unavailable to the plant

Increases crop yield and production

OMRI listed and CDFA organic certified

100% water soluble – no clogging

Available in: 2​ oz., 1 lb. and 12.5 lb.

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Bacillus megaterium strain HM87

Application Rates

Foliar Spray: ½–2 tsp. per gallon. Dissolve product in water to create solution. Spray to completelycover foliage until run-off. Repeat every 7-21 days.Soil Drench: Use ½–2 tsp. per gallon.

Apply solution to the soil after normal watering schedule. Soak soiluntil saturated. Repeat every 14-60 days.

Hydroponics Systems: Use 1½–2 tsp. per gallon. Dissolve product in water of reservoir. Use each time reservoir water is changed.

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