Micronized Compost Tea


A soluble blend of natural and organic ingredients formulated to promote growth of beneficial microorganisms for healthy soil.

Compatible with any fertilizer program

Can be mixed into water and used immediately or aerobically brewed for one or two days

Aids in the breakdown of nutrients and increases nutrient cycling

Available in: 1 lb. / 5 lb. / 10 lb. / 25 lb.

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Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosom), earth worm castings, turkey manure, ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: 2% Humic Acids (Derived from Leonardite)

Application Rates

To use immediately, mix ¼-2 tsp. per gallon of dechlorinated water, and apply to soil. May be used with other fertilizers or as an additive to existing tea recipes. For concentrated aerated tea, add 1–2 tbsp. per gallon of dechlorinated water. Mix in an equal amount of molasses or carbohydrate source (optional). Aerate solution for 1–3 days. Dilute 1:30 to 1:50 in water, and apply with sprayer or use as a soil drench. Water temperature may vary brew time.

Transplanting: Use approximately 1/8–½ tsp. per planting hole.

Soil Amendment: Apply ¼ tsp.–1tbsp. per cubic foot of soil every 3-4 weeks throughout the entire growing season.

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