A surfactant that improves the application of pesticides and fungicides.

An excellent surfactant for all organic pesticides

Can be used as a stand-alone pesticide

Promotes even distribution on leaves

Available in: 1 quart.

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PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS, Alcohol Ethoxylate – 13.58%, Constituents Ineffective as Spray Adjuvants – 86.42%

Application Rates

Prior to use, read all the directions on this label and on the label of the manufacturers’ insecticides, miticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, dormant oils and/or nutrients being used with this product. The manufacturers’ label for specific usage and restrictions has precedence over directions for use referred to on the OROBOOST label. To ensure thorough mixing, it is suggested that you recirculate mini tanks and bulk tanks or shake containers before using. Ensure spray equipment is thoroughly cleaned before using OROBOOST. Coatings on inner tank and spray lines, from previous chemicals sprayed, may be dissolved by OROBOOST, thereby releasing it into the mix about to be sprayed. If in doubt, applying as directed, add 20 ounces of OROBOOST to 20 gallons of water circulate through system for 20 minutes, spray to waste. Thereafter, mix as prescribed for regular spraying.

Treat a small area and observe results. If the results are satisfactory, proceed with a complete application.


• WARNING: Do not apply to fruiting stages of pome fruit, cherries, table grapes or other sensitive or stressed crops without first consulting your Oro Agri distributor or representative.

• Test for compatibility when combining in tank mixes with EC products, copper and/or chlorpyrifos on sensitive crops.

NOTE: OROBOOST reduces dew formation for up to 7 days and therefore may increase the risk of frost damage in frost prone areas.



Fill tank one-half full with water. Add the required amount of other tank mix products while agitating. Add remainder of the water. Add the recommended amount of OROBOOST last and continue agitation until completion of spraying. For best results, use within 24 hours of mixing. Antifoam and buffering agents may be used if required.

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