100% Green – 100% Clean.

Enhances the natural pest and disease resistance

All natural wetting agent used to for increased coverage and effectiveness

Improves the plant’s tolerance to extreme environmental conditions

Improves a plant’s photosynthesis

Reduces plant stress

Available in: 16 oz. / 0.5 gal. / 1 gal. / 2.5 gal. / 30 gal. / 55 gal. / 275 gal.

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Soybean oil, corn oil, filtered water, guar gum, glycerin, citric acid, soap and vanillin


Apply PureCrop1 with an atomizer or other low-micron (<50) misting system
Treatment: 2oz. per gallon every 2-3 days
Prevention: 1oz. per gallon twice per week/as needed
Shake well after mixing and before every use
Thoroughly spray leaves and vines – including under leaves from start to harvest
Best results are achieved by spraying early morning and late evening

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