Montana Grow Silica Powder


A natural, OMRI-listed silicon fertilizer; an all-purpose plant food.

A silica supplement derived from 40-million-year-old amorphous volcanic ash

A silicon rich source of potassium and an available form of silicon dioxide

Enhances soil fertility while improving disease and pest resistance

Increases photosynthesis and improves plant structure

Available in: 1 lb. jar / 35 lb. bucket / 50 lb. bag

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Silicon Dionxide (SiO2) derived from volcanic tuff mined minerals unprocessed–76%

Inert Material–24%

Application Rates

Planting: Mix ½-1 cup per 7.5 gallons of growing medium, or 4-8 ounces per cubic foot of growing medium. 100-200 lbs. per acre.

Feeding: Top dress plants with 2 tbsp. every 7–14 days as needed.

Compatibility: Can be used with most insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Works well with fertilizers.

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1 lb. jar, 5 lb. jar, 35 lb. bucket, 50 lb. bag

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