Vital Tea


A premium, natural and organic dry compost tea concentrate.

A complete plant tonic

Contains multiple humus sources, rich compost and worm castings

Vital Tea can be brewed, extracted or top dressed

Great for root drench or foliar feed

Available in: 5 lb. bags / 20 lb. buckets

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Humus, Worm Castings, Kelp, Organic Compost, Insect Frass, Glacial Rock, Colloidal Clay and Yucca

Application Rates

Use Vital Tea weekly throughout the vegetative stage of growth and 1-2 weeks into the fruiting or flowering stage of growth. Vital Tea can also be used as a root drench throughout the entire life of your plant! Vital Tea can be diluted up to 3:1 or used at full strength.

Commercial Rate

25-100 gallons per acre.

Using Vital Tea As A Top Dress

Top Dress with Vital Tea on your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, house plants, and ornamentals. Scoop 1-3 cups per plant and, spread around the drip line of the plant.

Using Vital Team As A Soil Amendment

Evenly mix 1-5 cups per cubic foot into your new or existing soil

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